Dagger 2 and MVP Architecture

Aditya Ladwa

What we will be Learning?

  • Use dagger2 with RetrofitOkHttpGson andRxJavaandRxAndroid
  • Use Model View Presenter(MVP) Architecture to decouple the Business logic and the underlying implementation of the logic to produce more cleaner code
  • Use RxJava to make request to our REST API
  • Use Retrofit to make call to a API and display the result
  • Learn about dependent components in dagger and creating custom scope for dependent components
  • We will be using Android studio and the code will be hosted on github

Lets get started

Step 1: Create a project with a Blank Activity

Step 2: Add the necessary dependency

Android Studio by default will not recognize a lot of generated Dagger 2 code as legitimate classes, but adding the android-apt plugin will add these files into the IDE class path and enable you to have more visibility. Add this line to your root

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